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One of true creativity and wonder. Awe-inspiring spectacles. Surprises in unimaginable settings that transcend reality. Stories that you will talk about forever.
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Evocative. Peaceful. Mythical. Beautiful Burma is unlike anywhere else. Only recently opened to tourism, Myanmar is the largest country in South East Asia and remains deeply traditional, largely Buddhist, and entirely distinct. Expect horse drawn carts and bicycles, remote beaches and seafood shacks, traditional dress and colourful celebrations. Read More

West Papua

Wild. Exotic. Adventurous. West Papua upholds ancient tradition like nowhere else. If you want to get truly lost in the wilderness, head to West Papua. An unwilling province of Indonesia comprising two large peninsulas and several hundred offshore islands, this wilderness has world-class diving, exotic islands – particularly the Raja… Read More


Evocative. Colourful. Entrancing. Take time to unwrap Vietnam’s layers. Natural beauty, rich cultural heritage and mouthwatering cuisine — Vietnam will charm you from the word go. From the French colonial grandeur of Hanoi and winding waters of Hội An, to the pulsing energy of Ho Chi Minh City, travelling here… Read More


Sacred. Magnetic. Devout. The ‘Roof of the World’ is a spiritual awakening. At once both strikingly beautiful and forlorn. As a subjugated Chinese colony, the restrictions and unwelcome development are clear to see. And yet the massive Tibetan plateau – isolated by gigantic mountains – is filled with warm, welcoming… Read More


Inviting. Intriguing. Dynamic. Thailand confidently conflates modern and ancient. Peppered with idyllic islands and known for being home to the world’s most photographed beaches, Thailand is also crammed with ancient palaces and breathtaking temples. The dynamic metropolis of Bangkok offers world-class art, culture, and cuisine. Head north to virgin countryside… Read More