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One of true creativity and wonder. Awe-inspiring spectacles. Surprises in unimaginable settings that transcend reality. Stories that you will talk about forever.
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Passionate. Graceful. Powerful. Nicaragua melds colonial charm and cabana beach life. While Nicaragua’s cities whisper of bygone colonialism and the lattice of geological faults beneath them, elsewhere it is a wild land of fire and water, volcanoes and lava fields, poetry and revolution. Where the rugged Pacific shoreline is woven… Read More


Edgy. Tantalising. Surprising. Let the contrast begin. Blending Mesoamerican cultures, Spanish traditions and contemporary arts, sparkling coastlines and barren deserts, Mayan villages and palm-fringed beaches, Mexico is like several countries rolled into one. European and Mestizo influences can be tasted in the food, heard in the lingo and seen in… Read More

Costa Rica

Lush. Superlative. Peaceful. The eco-capital of the Americas is daydream HQ. Boasting the greatest density of species in the world and with a quarter of the country laid over to national parks, the botanical marvels in Costa Rica are unparalleled. Known for its pioneering environmental attitude, Costa Rica also has… Read More