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Exotic. Embracing. Lush. Hawaii is a balm for the soul. Strung like pearls in the South Pacific, the six islands that make up Hawaii are pin-up perfect. Smoking volcanoes, sparkling waterfalls, fervid rivers and dramatic canyons, dripping rain forests and kaleidoscopic sands. Lazy lagoons and spectacular surf, tranquility and adventure,… Read More

French Polynesia

Idyllic. Tropical. Supreme. Your welcome will be as warm as the balmy breeze. Often lauded as the most beautiful place in the world, the islands of Tahiti and the Society Islands: Mo’orea, Bora Bora, Huahine, Taha’a, and Raiatea are ringed by coral reefs, teeming with exotic fish. The dense forested… Read More


Joyous. Verdant. Exciting. Fiji’s jungles and beaches offer adrenalin and escapism. Historically, Fiji’s fierce warriors and treacherous waters kept the archipelago of 333 coral-ringed islands wonderfully isolated. Now on the radar as the pinnacle of exotica, Fiji’s intoxicating offerings are open for indulgence. Snorkel with enormous manta rays, trek living… Read More

Easter Island

Enigmatic. Windswept. Remote. Easter Island is the whispered promise of adventure. Technically Chilean but world’s apart (halfway between Tahiti and South America), Rapa Nui, as it is officially called, is one of the most remote inhabited islands on earth. The iconic stone Moai which adorn every postcard of Easter Island… Read More