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Astounding. Surprising. Kaleidoscopic. The shy, stunning sister of the South Americas. Andean peaks, endless Caribbean coastline, idyllic archipelagos, grasslands teeming with wildlife, rolling savanna, and of course, the Amazon — Venezuela offers every adventure that South America can throw up, yet with no other tourists to stand in the way… Read More


Isolated. Soaring. Impervious. The Tibet of the Americas. The Western Hemisphere’s highest, most rugged country. Bolivia’s landscape ranges from Amazonian to Andean, from dense drizzling jungles and shimmering salt flats to frozen jagged peaks. Its many-layered and captivating culture includes some 36 indigenous groups, unchanged in their dress and traditions… Read More


Vibrant. Mountainous. Fascinating. Peru’s vistas are nothing short of epic. Peru stretches south from the Equator for 1,300 miles. The landscape is stacked with Andean highland villages, soaring glaciated mountains and volcanoes, and is flanked by the impenetrable jungle of the Amazon basin and 2,000 miles of Pacific coastline. Inkas… Read More


Magnificent. Abundant. Sublime. The Galápagos are impossible to exaggerate. Where can you meet giant tortoises in the misty highlands by morning and swim with playful sea lions in the afternoon? Dramatic volcanic backdrops further enhance the feeling of surrealism as you sunbathe on black lava rocks alongside prehistoric-looking marine iguanas,… Read More


Small. Vibrant. Underestimated. Ecuador is small but mighty. What Ecuador lacks in size, it makes up for in sheer variety – from the cultures and indigenous communities to the landscapes. There’s colonial Quito and colourful market towns, dramatic volcanic silhouettes, dense Amazonian jungle and wild tropical beaches. Frankly, fascinating Ecuador… Read More