Dec 2018

As tales spun from centuries-old myth and legend echo between the towering slopes of the fjords, trolls, elves and dwarves stir in the deep valleys below.

Folklore of gods and goddesses, mythical creatures and incredible adventures still exists here, passed down through the generations. Fables inspired by the rocky archipelagos, the crisp, cascading waterfalls, the fertile and forested valleys, and the mysterious northern lights. A vibrant tapestry of human history, the Vikings, Romans, and the Hanseatic traders, woven from Scandinavia’s epic natural landscapes. The perfect backdrop for the enchanted chapters of a family’s own legendary voyage.

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Our strategy is clear; to thoroughly engage the contrasting dynamics of a family group, ranging from 3-year-old grandchildren through to their grandparents, with extraordinary activities, entertainment and celebrations on an incredible passage through Scandinavia and the Baltics.

At times these are enjoyed as smaller groups or even individuals, with the crucial moments of the route specially devised to unite the whole family; reconnecting the generations with a magic sparkle of their own and creating unforgettable shared memories that last a lifetime.

Insider knowledge enables privileged access to locations off-the-tourist-radar to offer a rich smorgasbord of carefully managed experiences, from sipping coffee in the characterful cafes with the locals to discovering spectacular natural environments with classic cars, or by kayak or on foot, through to private celebratory dinners, set up in stunning locations and hosted by highly-esteemed private chefs, with spectacular traditional entertainment.

Gliding through the remarkable fjords, isles and islets that comprise some of the world’s most spectacular cruising waters on a luxurious superyacht, the family visit untouched glacial ice fields, hike and bike through unforgettable landscapes, and engage with the region’s diverse cultural traditions. Throughout the voyage, stopping to soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the region’s sophisticated cities, which despite their slick, contemporary development have largely retained their quaint European architecture and charm.

Deeply immersive entertainment brings to life the magical mythology and enchanting history of these areas, as well as the importance of trade throughout the region across the ages… setting alight an odyssey for all to enjoy that follows traditional trade routes from west to east, from the Atlantic to the Baltic.

Shortly after arrival, an important discovery amongst the dramatic Norwegian fjords and an encounter with a mermaid sets the children upon a quest… leading them on a series of encounters with otherworldly beings from Nordic gods to trolls, witches and elves to mythological water creatures.

They must bake a magic cake for a troll, help a witch remember her magic spells, prevent a battle with bloodthirsty Vikings and help them find their long boat…

As their journey unfolds they make discoveries that must be decoded with the help of the adults, unlocking more clues and guiding the journey to the next stage… from the incredible beauty of Geirangerfjord to Bergen then onward to Oslo, then on to Copenhagen and magical Gotland, Stockholm and onwards to the old town of Tallinn…

All the while, the adults can relax and enjoy the children’s joyous discoveries, as their own journey unfolds with a more sophisticated level of discovery…

Charismatic expert local guides host them to uncover the region’s history and little-known secrets, from enchanting, ancient, Tolkien-esque mythology through to the early Nordic Bronze ages and to the Iron Age, to the mighty Vikings and then through the Middle Ages, to modern times.

Thoroughly immersed in the region’s beguiling ambiance the odyssey leads the family through an incredible voyage of discovery… the final chapter of which concludes in suitably unforgettable fashion in the cultural capital of Russia, St Petersburg, and a celebration the family will talk about with delight for many generations to come!