Mar 2024

Celebrating the Art of the Road Trip. A shortcut to intimate initiations and cultural collisions, no form of travel can connect you with a destination quite like it… 

Off-road through vast deserts, traverse untamed coastlines and scale lofty mountain ranges in top-spec 4x4s. Race down winding speedways, cruise cosmopolitan boulevards and meander country roads in vintage classics or sleek supercars.

Find the joy in slow travel, whilst living in the fast lane. 

With our grassroots set firmly in expedition planning, we enable you to explore wild, remote and undiscovered parts of the world in ultimate comfort and style.

Strategically planned routing ensures your journey is peppered with enlightening experiences and meaningful encounters, carefully balanced with time to relax, and matched with the finest accommodations and service, no matter where you are. 

Embrace the essence of the destination, seize the opportunity to broaden your horizons and travel to new frontiers. 

This is life on the open road…


Chile and Bolivia

High-altitude adventures in the Atacama and Altiplano


With an incredible diversity of terrain and endless off-road challenges, a journey through Chile and Bolivia takes in some of the most impressive mountain scenery on earth. 

Littered with volcanoes, lakes and geysers – this is one of the most unusual and beautiful places to drive on the planet. There is a reason why the Dakar Rally was held in this region for a decade – beyond the salt and the sand, the altitude will test even the most hardened adventurer! 

Begin your journey in the charming bohemian town of San Pedro de Atacama, driving up to altitude toward the magnificent Licancabur and Juriques Volcanoes and the breathtaking lunar landscapes of the Atacama Desert – the world’s highest and driest desert, rising to nearly 6,000 metres.



Continuing to Bolivia’s Altiplano, traverse the western hemisphere’s highest, most rugged country. With landscapes that range from Amazonian to Andean, from dense drizzling jungles to shimmering salt flats, jagged frozen glaciated peaks, to the vast Lake Titicaca, Bolivia rightly earns its nickname ‘The Tibet of the Americas’.

Here lies one of the greatest natural wonders of the world – the Salar de Uyuni – which has to be experienced to be understood. The world’s largest salt flats, stretching over 4000 square miles, create endless horizons and surreal perspectives for inspired minds to play. 

Experience the thrill of the world’s most dangerous road, the infamous La Carretera de los Yungos, which connects the Andes to the Amazon Rainforest. From here, join a luxury yacht that awaits to explore the rivers and jungle, teeming with incredible wildlife and inspiring tribal encounters. Or, routing south, head into the pristine natural frontiers of Patagonia and discover a vast world of alpine peaks, turquoise glaciated lakes, lush forests and dusty savannah.



Year-round but in January and February, you have the best chance to see Salar de Uyuni’s magical reflections.


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A journey fit for the silver screen


Embracing La Dolce Vita, celebrate the joy of driving Italy’s finest automobiles whilst indulging in the country’s magnificent landscapes. With 20 regions as diverse as 20 countries, each having been used as the setting for classic movies, perhaps no setting is more iconic for a classic cinematic road trip than the Italian peninsula.

Begin your journey in true James Bond style on the winding passes of the Italian Alps. As you descend the rugged peaks, feel your heart race and your adrenaline surge as you test the raw power of your supercar on the hairpin bends and sweeping turns of the legendary Stelvio Pass.

Continue along one of the world’s most beautiful roads, the Strada della Forra, which hugs the edge of Lake Garda’s crystal-clear waters. Then, in the historic city of Modena, delve into the rich automotive heritage of the area, home to the legend himself, Enzo Ferrari. Gain special access to a collection of some of the most iconic cars ever built and test your limits on the legendary Circuito di Fiorano, Ferrari’s private test track.

As the birthplace of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Maserati, and Ducati, the Emilia Romagna region epitomizes greatness in Italian motoring. However, the region is also a foodie haven, home to some of Italy’s finest culinary specialities like Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamico de Modena, and Prosciutto di Parma.


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In Florence, pick up classic cars to feel the wind in your hair as you pass through charming medieval towns and cinematic scenes of vineyards and olive groves. Thriving Under the Tuscan Sun as you accelerate through winding roads towards Sienna, passing through Bertolucci’s backdrops and reflecting on Stealing Beauty.

Savour the flavours of the region in quaint trattorias and spend evenings in exquisite castle accommodations, waking early to watch the sunrise over the rolling Chianti hills from a hot air balloon.

Head to Rome for a Fellini-esque adventure, as you ride vespas through the bustling streets of the country’s capital. Explore the city’s art scene, from the cutting-edge works of Rome’s emerging urban artists to an extremely rare private visit to the breathtaking Sistine Chapel.

Conclude your Italian adventure with an exploration of the glittering Amalfi Coast. Travel the winding roads that link quaint cliffside villages overlooking dreamy views of the glistening blue sea. Switching from terra firma to the Tyrrhenian, relive the classic golden era of Italian cinema onboard a beautiful private yacht on a glamorous island-hopping adventure in the Gulf of Naples.



Italy is a year-round delight but the shoulder seasons will ensure country-wide pleasant weather and open roads.


New Zealand

Luxury lodges, fine dining and fun in the land of Hobbits and Haka


A larger-than-life adventure playground, full of towering glaciers, fiery volcanoes and turquoise seas, with the gaps neatly filled by sublime forests, picturesque mountains, shimmering lakes, sandy beaches, and misty fjords. New Zealand’s natural splendour provides the ultimate backdrop for an epic road trip. 

We suggest an inspiring journey that guides you between the very best of New Zealand’s luxury lodges using comfortable SUVs and speedy sports cars to access the most magical environments and a huge range of world-class outdoor activities.

Setting off from the volcanic heart of North Island, relax and unwind at an exceptional private lodge that sits hidden above the Waikato River. 

Immersed in serene surroundings that place you at the doorstep of the impressive Huka Falls, as well as steaming natural hot pools that are said to hold mythical healing properties, enjoy world-class fly fishing and al-fresco dining that champions local produce, plus a formidable list of the world’s finest wines. 

In gorgeous classic cars, begin your journey south along the pristine shores of Lake Taupo and continue through the forested national parks and verdant farmlands that cover the island’s mountainous interior.


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Crossing the Cook Strait, sail from Wellington’s rugged coastline through the Tory Channel and the lusciously forested, sea-drowned valleys of the Marlborough Sounds, on what is said to be one of the most beautiful sailing journeys in the world. 

Arrive at the pretty port town of Picton to pick up comfortable SUVs for the onward journey down the east coast of South Island. Find unique and luxurious lodges set amongst rolling farmland and breathtaking mountain ranges, taking time in each exclusive location to soak up the stunning scenery and basque in the pristine air.

In the vibrant city of Christchurch, find contemporary art and culture, exquisite dining and plenty of outdoor adventures. Kayak from your oceanfront villa through turquoise waters in the sheltered ocean playground, where spinner dolphins, fur seals, blue penguins and whales play. 

For an epic final chapter, make your way west toward the spectacular Southern Alps. where stunning high-glaciated mountains, deep bush-fringed valleys, epic fiordland, and dramatic alpine lakes, dominate the landscape. 

En route to your ultra-exclusive lodge, nestled within the Ahuriri Valley, rendezvous with a helicopter to fly high over the picturesque Aoraki Mount Cook, landing on top of a vast white glacier to enjoy an unforgettable picnic lunch.

Drive through Lord of the Rings scenery to conclude your journey on the shores of Queenstown’s glittering Lake Wakatipu, where endless outdoor pursuits await. From mountain biking and mountaineering to water sports, skydiving and bungee jumping, this is truly an adventurers’ paradise.



Austral summer (December to February) will allow fantastic conditions for outdoor exploration. 



A nomadic expedition through Asia’s wildest frontier


With its nomadic soul and bewildering beauty, Mongolia’s vastness lends itself perfectly to a great overland expedition. Retracing the steps of the mighty Genghis Khan, embrace the rich cultural tapestry woven through Asia’s last true wilderness.

Starting in the gateway capital city, Ulaanbaatar, first venture to explore the vast expanse of the Gobi Desert. A harsh and unforgiving landscape, subject to extremes in temperature, this land is home to distinctive creatures like the two-humped Bactrian camel, Gobi bear, snow leopard and the Mongolian wild ass. 

Its vast and varied ecoregions are compellingly beautiful, from the rolling dunes of Khongor to the rocky outcrops of the flaming cliffs (littered with prehistoric treasures and dinosaur fossils) and the steppe’s endless rolling grasslands, there’s an exhilarating range of terrains to help test your suspension. 

Along the way, discover the resilience of the Mongolian people, who have mastered the art of survival in these lands for millennia. Immersing yourself in their ways of life, spend time at rest in the traditional accommodation of these nomadic people, the ger tent. 

Comfortably upgraded to your requirements, with luxurious amenities and serviced to the highest possible standards, these gers make somewhat rustic, but delightful and convenient abodes. Often set up close to nomadic farm settlements, you will enjoy truly authentic experiences each evening, entertained with wonderful cultural performances.


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Navigating westward into the glaciated Altai Mountains, where challenging terrains are fused with fascinating local culture and rich biodiversity. 

Explore the lush valleys and glacial peaks of the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park in state-of-the-art 4x4s. Driving alongside icy crystal rivers, around turquoise lakes and through the mind-blowingly beautiful high-altitude steppe. Discover the incredible region where the iconic Eagle Hunters roam and join these expert horsemen as they practice their ancient form of falconry.

Extending across China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia, the vast Altai mountains have supported a melting pot of cultures for over 3000 years. Ancient Scythian burial tombs and thousands of burial mounds have been found here, as well as menhirs, megalith complexes, petroglyphs and rock carvings. 

A road trip through Mongolia’s epic landscapes promises to unearth surprises at every turn. With each mile travelled, immerse yourself deeper into the essence of Mongolia, where the spirit of exploration thrives amidst the vast expanses of Asia’s last frontier.



June to October to avoid extreme weather that might disrupt your journey.


Laos and Vietnam

An intrepid immersion into SouthEast Asia’s rural heart


Traverse enchanting landscapes and ancient towns on an intrepid and unforgettable journey through two of Southeast Asia’s most captivating countries, Laos and Vietnam.

Begin your adventure in Laos’ serene capital, Vientiane, with an exhilarating helicopter flight to the beautiful Phou Khao Kway National Park. Hopping into 4x4s, drive through remote villages to Vang Vieng, taking in breathtaking panoramic scenery before resting at a tranquil oasis on the banks of the Nam Song River.

Pick up your dirt bikes at a strategic rendezvous and ride onward toward the ancient Royal city of Luang Prabang. Navigating the countryside’s winding roads and lanes, stop for gourmet picnic lunches with remarkable views over the region’s dramatic landscapes.

Following a dirt track along a stretch of the Mekong River, stop at the dreamy three-tiered Kuang Si waterfalls for a refreshing dip before reaching the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang. Explore the city’s peaceful Buddhist temples and monasteries, taking time to reflect on your journey so far in a private meditation session with an elder monk.

Refreshed and ready to hit the road again, head east through rural central Laos toward Phonsavan and the mysterious megalithic burial site, the ‘Plain of Jars’, one of the most important prehistoric sites in Southeast Asia.

Pass through the traditional weaving and silk centre of Laos, journey through remote mountain villages, verdant paddy fields, and explore the extensive cave network of Vieng Xai before crossing the border into Vietnam.



Explore the rolling hills and mesmerizing valleys of Mai Chau and Son La on pushbikes, immersing yourself into the local culture of the region’s hill tribe communities and savouring their fragrant cuisine. The drive onward to Sapa is one of the most beautiful in the whole of northern Vietnam.

High in Vietnam’s northwest highlands, the charming highland ‘town of the clouds’, Sapa, is the perfect place to unmount your motorbikes and take a few days of relaxation before the final chapter of your extraordinary adventure. 

The overnight train will whisk through the countryside to Vietnam’s bustling capital, where modern culture and a buzzing creative scene await. Here, amongst Hanoi’s vibrant energy, find sophisticated rooftop bars and hangouts, perfect for celebrating the successful end of your audacious Asian adventures!


February to April would be ideal to avoid the rainy season in both countries and enjoy beautiful spring weather. 


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The Road of Kings and Beyond


Historic. Windswept. Bold and brave. This adventure will take your Land Rover Defenders back to their roots. Follow a pathway that traverses the highlands and lowlands on a journey that links some of the British Isles’ most impressive and hospitable ancient castles.

Beginning your passage in the vibrant city of Edinburgh, head west toward the stunning scenery that dominates the entire west coast of Scotland. Travel the weaving roads of the Inner Hebrides, enjoying the tranquillity of deserted, windswept beaches, and ancient forests. Kayak and sail through crisp clear waters, alongside sea lions, playful otters, and inquisitive whales, looking up to spot golden eagles overhead.

Navigate picturesque single-lane roads in search of rare single malts. Discover Scotland’s rich heritage for distilling exquisite whiskies, dating back to the late 1400s when monks first started producing Scotch here.

Crossing the Highlands, take in the huge landscapes as you trek across vast untouched tundra and discover time-lost medieval trading routes. Negotiate challenging river crossings, pass through picturesque villages, and climb over lofty mountain passes to breathtaking trails alongside lochs steeped in legend.



The food and drink in these regions are regarded as some of the finest in Britain, and the welcome is as warm as the fire.

Enjoy incomparable dining and faultless service at some of the most awe-inspiring Scottish castles, privately owned stately homes, and secret coastal crofters’ bothies. Keep your toes toasty as you listen to the local lore recounted by charismatic Highlanders.

In the Cairngorms, soak up Scotland’s refined heritage as you traverse the landscapes inhabited by the British Royals in their most northerly residence, Balmoral.

Enjoy the thrill and pride of Scottish sportsmanship in a private Highland Games, complete with falconry challenges and strongman competitions. Take part in a traditional Scottish ceilidh and dress and dance in specially-made kilts.

Here, there is ample opportunity to try driven grouse shooting or stalk deer on the finest estates and dine on haggis, game, and world-class seafood in Ballater.

Beguile your children with the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster, work on your handicap at the world’s most exclusive golf courses, and dance the Highland Fling without a care in the world. 

Scotland is Britain at its wild and weathered best



April to November. When the weather should be fine and the days are still long, but remember, the rain is part of Scotland’s charm.


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