Dec 2020


Children love a classic fairy-tale of good against evil, and this was never truer than when some of our youngest clients arrived in Swedish Lapland to join a special quest to save the Arctic from eternal darkness.

Their journey started as soon as they stepped off their jet, suited in specially procured Arctic gear, they swiftly boarded a thrilling dogsled ride through pristine snow towards their lodgings.



En route, turning a bend in a snowy forest, they see their way is blocked by a fallen tree. Out of nowhere appear two anxious elves with magnificent pointy ears and magical shimmering capes.

They plead for help to guard a precious lantern which must not fall into the hands of evil goblins. They can’t say much more because “the trees have ears” but they place an ancient scroll into the hands of the family then disappear.



Onward they travel through a snow-dusted enchanting wintery landscape, until they reach the comfort of a luxurious log cabin where, by a cosy log-fire with hot chocolate, the scroll reveals to them that there are six powerful forces in Lapland: fire, water, wind, time, darkness and light.

The scroll reveals to them that there are six powerful forces in Lapland: fire, water, wind, time, darkness and light...

Our guide helps translate the tricky Elven-talk, as they discover they must journey to gather all the other forces as allies and keep the darkness at bay.


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Herein starts a magical quest where hidden clues and scrolls lead the children on a journey of discovery.

From uncovering supernatural water crystals hanging in snow-dusted trees whilst out dogsledding; to discovering marvellous musical horn bugles laid out on fur-lined beds of their specially-made igloos that they must use to call the wind; to learning how to make fire with flint and stone with the local Sami people; the children learn about the natural and cultural wonders of Lapland.


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All the while, the lantern they’ve been trusted with, which holds the last of the earth’s light must be kept alive at all costs!

A surprise evening occurs when they receive a visit from Father Christmas himself. As well as presents for all the family, he reveals that that he has heard from the elves. They’ve been looking for the forces and require one final element of “time”.



They each receive a magical golden hourglass with which they are gifted “the time to do anything they would like with their lives”. They now have all the forces, which they must keep safe till the elves return again.

When they pay a visit on the children’s last night, everyone is delighted! They are gifted with magical green moonstones to remind them of the aurora borealis that is magically dancing above them in the sky that night, and to thank them for their help on this very special quest.

And so, legend has it, spring returned to Lapland that year and the children stopped a world sliding into eternal darkness…